K3 surfaces

Notes from the learning seminars

Reference: Huybrechts's book "Lectures on K3 surfaces"

Calendar: Semester 1, on Monday 3.00pm - 5.00pm in room J11

Evgeny Shinder presents Chapter 1

30 September 2019

Ed's typed notes

Adel Bedina on Hodge structures (based on Chapter 3)

7 October 2019

Anna's notes (PDF, 356KB)

George Moulantzikos and Evgeny present Chapter 2 (more on Hodge structures and basic geometry of K3 surfaces)

14 October 2019

Ed's typed notes

David Kern presents Chapter 5

21 October 2019

David's typed notes (PDF, 221KB)

Cristina Manolache discusses period maps and Torelli's theorems

28 October 2019

Anna's notes (PDF, 7.2MB)

Giovanni Marchetti on the (global) Torelli theorem for K3s

4 November 2019

Neb Pavic talks about Ample and Kaehler cones and Mukai vectors

11 November 2019

Neb's notes (PDF, 3.8MB)

Anna Barbieri discusses slope and Gieseker stability (ref. Chapters 9 and 10)

18 November 2019

Anna's notes (PDF, 266KB)

Barbara Bolognese on Examples of HK manifolds as moduli spaces of sheaves over K3 surfaces

22 November 2019

Barbara's first notes (PDF, 175KB) and second notes (PDF, 376KB).

Yirui Xiong talks about derived categories and functors, Fourier-Mukai transforms, and Deriver equivalences of K3 surfaces

6 December 2019 and 9 December 2019

Yirui's typed notes (PDF, 267KB)

Final seminar report

Final report with some open questions (PDF, 93KB).