Former members


Ananyo Dan

Interests: Hodge theory, Noether-Lefschetz locus, Moduli spaces of semi-stable sheaves, Hilbert schemes, Singularity theory


Biography: Ananyo got his PhD from Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin, Germany. Following this, he had postdoctoral positions in Tata Insitute of Fundamental Research, India, Basque Centre for Applied Mathematics, Spain, and at the University of Sheffield, after which he obtained a tenure-track position in Madrid.

Nikita Nikolaev

Interests: Meromorphic Connections, Stokes Phenomenon, Exact WKB Analysis, Quantum Curves, Higgs Bundles

Biography: Nikita obtained his PhD at the University of Toronto in 2018 under the tutelage of Marco Gualtieri. He then held a postdoctoral research position at the University of Geneva under the mentorship of Anton Alekseev. In March 2021, he joined the University of Sheffield as a postdoctoral researcher under the mentorship of Tom Bridgeland. He then moved to the University of Birmingham as a Marie Curie Fellow.

Kento Osuga

Interests: Topological Recursion, Airy Structures, Supersymmetry, Gromov-Witten Invariants

Biography: Kento completed his BSc at Shizuoka University in 2014 under Shogo Aoyama, and then moved to the University of Alberta for his PhD under Vincent Bouchard and Don N. Page. 

Afterwards, he was appointed as a temporary postdoctoral fellow at the same institution before moving to Sheffield in October 2021. He went on to obtain a postdoc at the University of Warsaw, en route to a JSPS Fellowship at the University of Tokyo.

Anna Barbieri

Interests: Frobenius manifolds, Stability Conditions

Biography: Anna completed her undergraduate at University of Udine, Italy. She then undertook her PhD studies at the University of Pavia, Italy before moving to the University of Sheffield as a postdoc. She then moved on to another postdoc position at the University of Milan in May 2020.

Sven Meinhardt

Interests: Donaldson-Thomas Theory, Derived Algebraic Geometry, Mirror Symmetry, Mathematical Physics

Contact: Personal website,

Biography: Sven initially completed his diploma at the Humboldt University Berlin. He then moved to the University of Bonn for his PhD under Daniel Huybrechts as well as staying on as a postdoc. 

Following this he spent time at the Imperial College London and at the University of Oxford, and then completed two further postdocs at the Universities of Wuppertal and Sheffield. 

He is now a freelance consultant in Data Science and Deep Learning Engineering.

Barbara Bolognese

Interests: Moduli Spaces of Sheaves on Surfaces, Tropical Geometry, Derived Categories

Biography: Barbara completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Rome, then she obtained her PhD at Northeastern University. 

She held postdoctoral positions at the Fields Institute, Toronto, and Sheffield until November 2019, after which she moved to Roma Tre University as a postdoc.

Dylan Allegretti

Interests: Cluster Varieties and Cluster Algebras, Quantum Teichmuller Theory, Mathematical Aspects of Quantum Field Theory and String Theory

Biography: After three years of postdoc at the University of Sheffield, Dylan moved to MSRI, Berkeley, for a postdoc, in August 2019.

Joe Karmazyn

Interests: Noncommutative Algebras, Derived Equivalences, Moduli Constructions to Study and Construct Examples in Algebraic Geometry

Biography: Joe studied his PhD in Edinburgh under the supervision of Michael Wemyss and Iain Gordon. He won a EPSRC post-doctoral fellowship, that he held at the University of Bath first and later at the University of Sheffield until June 2018.

PhD students

Yirui Xiong

Supervisor: Tom Bridgeland

Interests: Stability conditions and Calabi-Yau algebras

Contact:, room J14a

Biography: Yirui completed his bachelor’s and master’s degree at Sichuan University in Chengdu, China, and then came to Sheffield as PhD student.

Karoline Van Gemst

Supervisor: Andrea Brini

Interests: Frobenius Manifolds, Gromov-Witten theory, Quantum Cohomology, Landau-Ginzburg Theory, Mathematical physics

Contact:, room J14b

Biography: Karoline obtained an MPhys Mathematical Physics from University of Edinburgh, and then an MSc in pure mathematics at Imperial College London. She got her PhD in Sheffield in 2023. She then obtained a postdoc at the University of Milan-Bicocca.

George Moulantzikos

Supervisor: Evgeny Shinder

Interests: Derived Categories, Grothendieck Rings of Varieties, L-Equivalence, Hodge Theory, Torelli Problems

Contact:, room J25

Biography: George obtained his undergraduate and master’s degree at the University of Crete, and obtained his PhD in Sheffield in November 2022.

David Kern

Supervisors: Etienne Mann (Angers), Cristina Manolache (Sheffield)

Interests: Derived algebraic geometry, Enumerative and homological mirror symmetry, Operads

Biography: David obtained his master’s degree in physics at the University of Strasbourg, then in mathematics in Paris, after which he pursued a PhD in Angers and Sheffield. He graduated from the University of Angers in September 2021, followed by a postdoc position at Montpellier.

Giovanni Marchetti

Supervisor: Tom Bridgeland

Interests: Enhancements and Invariants of Triangulated Categories, Categorification

Biography: Giovanni obtained his undergraduate and master’s degree at La Sapienza, Rome before moving to Sheffield for his PhD.

Nebojsa Pavic

Interests: Derived Categories, K-Theory, Singularity Categories

Biography: Nebojsa completed his bachelor’s and master’s degree at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich. Afterwards he moved to Sheffield to obtain a PhD under the supervision of Evgeny Shinder in May 2020. He then moved to the University of Hannover as a postdoc.

Caitlin McAuley

Interests: Stability Conditions, Mirror Symmetry

Biography: Caitlin obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of Glasgow and completed her master’s in Bonn before coming to Sheffield as a PhD student under the supervision of Tom Bridgeland.

Rory Potter

Interests: Derived Categories, Non-Commutative Geometry, Quotient Stacks, Derived McKay Correspondence and Stability Conditions

Biography: Rory studied his MMath degree at the University of Warwick before doing his PhD at the University of Sheffield under the supervision of Tom Bridgeland.

Eoin Murphy

Interests: Hall Algebras, Quiver Representations

Biography: Eoin came to the University of Sheffield for his PhD, under the supervision of Tom Bridgeland. He defended his thesis on December 2018.