Structures in Enumerative Geometry

The University of Sheffield, 23-27 January 2023

Photo by Rob Bates on Unsplash

About the conference

The conference will focus on current trends in log and derived geometry. It is conceived as an invitation targeted primarily at graduate students and non-specialists in the field.

The meeting will feature in particular three mini-courses, as well as more advanced research talks. We also aim to provide ample opportunity of collaboration and discussion in a workshop-style setting, usually with no more than four hours of talks each day.

The meeting is funded by the Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship grant "Virtual calculus".


  • Luca Battistella (Frankfurt)

  • Francesca Carocci (EPFL)

  • Jeongseok Oh (Imperial College)


  • Tom Coates (Imperial College)

  • Alessio Corti (Imperial College)

  • Dominic Joyce (Oxford)

  • David Kern (Montpellier)

  • Navid Nabijou (Queen Mary)

  • Nicola Pagani (Liverpool)

  • Renata Picciotto (Angers)

  • Dhruv Ranganathan (Cambridge)

  • Richard Thomas (Imperial College)

  • Michel van Garrel (Birmingham)


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Organising committee

Andrea Brini (Sheffield), Paul Johnson (Sheffield), Etienne Mann (Angers), Cristina Manolache (Sheffield).

For any questions, contact Cristina Manolache.