BPS states, mirror symmetry, and exact WKB II

The University of Sheffield, 5-9 September 2022

Photo by Zhi Xuan Hew on Unsplash.

About the conference

This conference will be centred on recent progress on BPS invariants, which sit at a focal point of interaction between enumerative algebraic geometry (Donaldson-Thomas theory), quantum field and string theory (BPS spectra of N=2 theories), and the theory of complex differential equations with irregular singularities.

The conference will provide a window into current topical research and it is conceived as an invitation targeted primarily at graduate students and non-specialists in the field.

The meeting will feature in particular four introductory survey lectures by world-leading experts, as well as more advanced research talks. We also aim to provide ample opportunity of collaboration and discussion in a workshop-style setting, usually with no more than four hours of talks each day.

The meeting is funded by the EPSRC grant "Mirror symmetry, quantum curves and integrable systems".

Organising committee

Tom Bridgeland, Andrea Brini, Nadir Fasola and Nikita Nikolaev (Sheffield).

For any questions, contact Andrea Brini.